Picture-Exchange Communication System

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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs) is a low-tech, highly versatile tool that can be used with students with any disability, students that struggle with English as their primary language, even with students that have several disabilities. PECS was originally created by the Pyramid Education Consultants and the cost varies depending on the program you purchase however, even low-income families can use PECS. PECS is simply the ability to put a picture with a word. PECS can be found online, Ipads or tablets, or by using any word documents and clip art. Even families without internet capability can use PECS by cutting out pictures from magazines or books and gluing to flash cards. PECS is vital for students because it is not limited to one content area, it is used in…show more content…
PECS is not only easy for families and educators to afford and find but also to create and use. The Pyramid Consultants offer several trainings ranging from a few days to a few hours and they are very beneficial in learning the entire system however the basic training simple requires a teacher to be able to cut and paste clip art into word documents. The picture above took me one search and a simple cut and paste, however if I was a student and I handed that picture to you at lunch, you would understand that I do not want ketchup. The hardest part with PECS is teaching the student how to give the picture to a person. The same picture of ketchup has no value if I throw it on the floor, a student needs to understand that they need a communication party to deliver the message.
PECS is a low tech highly functioning way that a student with a disability can communicate. Communication is vital in both academics and life skills and being able to have access to a PECS allows the student to be able to participate fully with their class, their peers, and their
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