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King Richard the Lionheart

Interesting Facts and information about King Richard the Lionheart of the Middle Ages who was famous for leading of the Third Crusade where he fought against Saladin, the Muslim leader. This article contains a Short Biography, Facts and History about the life of King Richard the Lionheart who was given the nickname 'Lionheart ' in tribute to his great courage and honorable behaviour as a soldier. The brother of King Richard the Lionheart, John, attempted to usurp the English throne when the Lionheart was in the Holy Land which led to the legend and tales of Robin Hood.

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King Richard the Lionheart

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When King Henry II died Richard was greatly grieved at his father 's death. He visited Fontevraud Abbey Church and when he saw his father 's dead body, he cried out, "Alas! it was I who killed him!" But it was too late and he could not make up for what he had done. King Richard I of England had to think about the Crusade he had promised to make. Richard was so brave and strong that he was called Lion-heart; he was very noble and good in some ways, but his fierce, passionate temper did him a great deal of harm.

King Richard the Lionheart and Queen Berengaria
King Richard I

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