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Early Saturday morning, I awoke to a great aroma. The strong scent lifted me up out of bed, to my feet, and downstairs, for I was eager to discover the redolence that was idle. Chills ran up my back when my bare feet first touched the cool tile flooring. The rising sun beamed through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the solarium as well as, the bay window above the conveniently placed double bowl sink. The sun flooded the room with its natural light and created a rather cheerful atmosphere. I immediately felt uncomfortably happy. This was a disturbingly cheerful place. Each strategic decoration was perfectly in place and the overemphasized motif was extreme and almost alarming. There was a shelf on each wall overflowing with clown…show more content…
Everything was pastel pinks and yellows. The tiles on the floor were checkered with the wretchedly pleasant colors, each of the four walls displayed them in a striped pattern, and even the countertops were subjected to their speckled blend. The sunlight danced off the small crystals within the granite and caused me to squint due to the bright reflection. It was as if the granite tops were glaring at me and daring me to take another peek. To my left, the cabinetry had paneled doors and drawer fronts which created a traditional look. But they were painted pink and yellow in an alternating fashion. The cabinets? knobs and bar pulls had a delicate, ornate touch with their polka-dotted soft pale colors of pink and yellow. The backsplash was a blend of muted pastel glass tiles, which created a spring-like and an elegant atmosphere to the ?work only? environment for cooking and baking. The colors complimented the light-colored cabinets and countertops to create the pleasing colorful space. A pink paisley apron draped over a bar stool, which was part of a five piece dining set. Fresh daffodils were centered on a round pedestal dining table, which was dressed formal with proper place settings complete with water goblet and wine glasses. Every utensil and piece of stemware was perfectly placed. Forks on the left and the knife and spoons on the right. Perhaps a dinner date was scheduled. The table was home to
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