Pieces of Me by Amber Kiser Essay

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Characters: Maddie is the main character. Maddie came into the story first and then met Q. Q and her are like brother and sister, they are very close and they help each other when they need some confidence or they need to be convinced that everything is going to be ok. She is very poor and she is homeless, she has a great personality which is very kind and caring. She starts out not super confident in herself but she always stays positive about herself when she is homeless. When she meets Q she becomes very confident in herself because Q shows her how she can get perfect food from the dumpster at the restaurant and she makes a plan for her life. Then she realizes that life may not turn out to be so bad. Her and Q are very nice to each…show more content…
Maddie gets appetizers, dinner, and desserts that are all in great condition. Since she did not give up she now lives in a foster home instead of on the streets. She has a bed to sleep in and food to eat. The conflict is that Maddie is homeless and she has to take care of Dylan with only the help of Q. Once they get to the foster home she does not have to help take care of Dylan anymore. “Dylan and Leo, they need you.”(147) This is trying to convince her not to just give up and leave because she feels like she is just making things worse for Dylan and Leo but everyone knows that she has helped them so much and if she leaves they will be in trouble so they are basically telling her not to give up and keep believing that good things are going to happen. Some connotative and denotative meanings of some words are “The room was filthy.” (71) Connotative- grossed out Denotative- disgustingly or completely dirty “I mimicked his eyebrow thing.”(72) Connotative- copied Denotative- to imitate in a servile or unthinking way “Dylan was grinning”(86) Connotative- happy Denotative- to draw back the lips so as to show the teeth. “It was a fancy hotel food night”(89) Connotative- privileged Denotative- The artistic ability of creating unreal or whimsical imagery. “His smile was cocky”(89) Connotative- Arrogant Denotative- Pertly self-assertive “Q asked quietly in the
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