Pierre Bourdieu 's Influence On The Field Of Sociology Essay

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Throughout his career Pierre Bourdieu turned his professional hand to many fields of endeavour including philosophy, anthropology and Sociology, amongst other things, gaining notoriety as both a thinker and a theorist. Perhaps the most significant contribution and maybe the most considered works of his career were in the field of sociology.
During his work as an ethnographer during the Algerian uprising against France, Bourdieu became one of the most respected social theorists of the time, publishing 35 books and more than 350 essays and articles, as well as being a highly active public speaker and intellectual. Pierre Bourdieu saw and acted against what he perceived as unfair and exploitative practices and neoliberal economics and globalisation (Dalal, 2016). After his death in 2002 Pierre Bourdieu was referred to as one of France’s greatest thinkers, writers, scholars and one of the world’s most significant social theorists (White Fuse Media Ltd, 2016)
Such is the regard for Pierre Bourdieu’s work, many of his publications have been translated into more than 20 languages and despite his work being so recent, it is common place to see his writings on the required and recommended reading lists in fields including sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and is fair consistently mandatory in education courses, no more so than in his native France (White Fuse Media Ltd, 2016).
Throughout his career Pierre Bourdieu devoted a lot of his time to developing tools that could be
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