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09 May 2017

Pierre Cardin

pierre cardin was born july 2,1922 and is an italian born french designer.
His Family was wealthy landowners but his family had to escape fascism they went to france in 1924, his father a wealthy french wine merchant wish to study architect but from there ended on making clothes and fabric for a living.

He is mostly known for his work that he did called avant garde design and it was world wide known for his best work
When cardin was younger he worked job to job jumping from them to find what he truly loved once cardin was happy for what he was doing he looked outside of france to find a better look so he took a plane to japan and started there by going to Bunka fukusoi fashion school in japan and was nominated as one of their professors when he was there he was also took a class teaching them to do three dimensional cuts on fabrics.
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At the time, haute couture designers worked exclusively for private clients, for whom clothes were custom-made, so Cardin's move was seen as a threat to the traditional values of the fashion world. Another version of the story has Cardin resigning from the organization in protest of its banning of press coverage. The 1960s were a varied and successful period for Pierre Cardin. In the first years of the decade, he began to design clothes inspired by science. This would become known simply as the "Space Age look." Interestingly, just as Japanese fashion has inspired Cardin years before, some Japanese designers are still heavily influenced by the futuristic style that Cardin
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