Pierre Trudeau 's Actions And Decisions

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The October Crisis that occurred in 1970 is quite a controversial topic, however, one can say that prime minister, Pierre Trudeau handled it quite well. Trudeau’s actions and decisions to resolve the October Crisis were justified. His actions were validated by the FLQ’s (Front de Libération du Quebec) intellectual ideas and the immediate threat he dealt with. Trudeau made quick political decisions to handle the calamity, however, the immediate crisis was impacting the cities across Quebec. His actions were proven to be the best and most accurate actions, because the War Measures Act was successful in eliminating the abrupt crisis. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a man with good intentions, and as prime minister he dealt with the October Crisis in a way that ensured the safety of the province. Trudeau’s character and decisions, validates his actions to resolve the crisis in 1970.
The FLQ had many intellectual ideas that forced Trudeau to make the necessary actions towards the crisis. There were three intentions of the FLQ kidnappings of James Cross and Pierre Laporte. The FLQ wanted to obtain the release of 23 FLQ members jailed for bombings and other violent offences. The group wanted to cause confusion, fear and gain publicity and sympathy for their aims of having Quebec become an independent state, and their third motive was to trigger insurrection and capitulation. (Tetley, p. 39) These intentions of the FLQ caused harm and chaos to the government and the public, and
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