Piety VS Impiety (Euthyphro & Socrates)

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What is piety and impiety? This broad question is exactly what Euthyphro and Socrates debate about the true meaning of these two words. When society hears the word piety, they think of worship for God or religious fulfillment of sacred obligations. However, when Socrates attends the king's court on charges of impiety by Meletus, he encounters Euthyphro there who is going to prosecute his own father for accidentally killing one of his workers. Even though Socrates feels that Euthyphro has courage for prosecuting his own father on a charge that can be seen as disputable, Euthyphro mentions that he still knows everything about the true meaning of being holy. At this point, Socrates exhorts Euthyphro to teach him what holiness is and help his…show more content…
As Euthyphro tries his fourth statement to satisfy the needs of Socrates, he says "The godly and pious is the part of the just that is concerned with the care of the gods, while that concerned with the care of the men is the remaining part of justice." He mentions here the idea of justice and how it can be related to the pious definition. It is still however, not formally fit for a definition because this is saying that piety belongs to those actions we call just or morally good. So from this, it cannot be right so say that the idea of justice covers everything such as gods. However, piety has to do with things that concern only gods and not men; and not all just things are pious. One must find proof, not just say what you think could be believable. For Euthyphro's fifth definition to Socrates, he attempts to mention, "That slaves take of their masters." Euthyphro goes on to support Socrates analysis that piety is "a sort of trading skill between gods and men." Socrates disputes him by asserting that gifts are favorable to the recipient, but how could the gods profit from what we do? Euthyphro argues back that serving the gods will please them and be dear to them. Now, Socrates sees and tells Euthyphro that they are just going about from the very beginning again and looping this whole conversation from the start again. It is very similar to the statement that he had

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