Pig Tale And The Pig Tales

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The three novels Marie Darrieussecq’s Pig Tales, Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl, and Barbara Gowdy’s The White Bone are very interesting. Pig tales is the story of the young woman. In this book the author tells about the narrator that how she enjoyed her life before transforming into a pig, how she was changed into a four-legged beast in the outcome of unethical lifestyle and how the narrator become more beast than human. The narration in this novel is in third person. As in the whole novel the author Marie Darrieussecq tells the story of the other woman. The White Bone is the novel written from panorama of the animal that is the elephant. In this novel there various characters and most of the characters belonged to the female gender. In this novel author tells about the survival of the endangered animal and at the same point this novel also indicates the importance of the families. In this novel also, the narration is in third person. The Salt Fish Girl is the novel which tells the story of the one girl in two different types. In both the cases the girl is suffering for the survival. In this story the girl have to suffer very much for the survival. She has to migrate from one place to another, to new countries, to new eras, and leaving own homeland.
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