Pigeoneye Dialectical Journal

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A lithe form slinked through the pristine snow, her paws going numb from the constant unbridling unsuccessful search of prey. Being an experienced hunter now, PigeonEye knew that this was no small dilemma, but an ominous sign. She and a hunting party of three warriors had been sent out to hunt hours ago, and yet still, the terrain seemed barren, devoid of a stable amount of prey to feed their clan. The she-cat shivered and paused for a moment to survey they area, her fellow clan-mates halted and watched her with weary appearances, each thin and poignant. PigeonEye ignored them, an unshattered defiance and determination to serve her clan burning within her. If they did not bring back food when they returned, why return anyway. She was willing to die for her clan, even if she would die for a cause that might be remembered as pitiful foolhardy stubbornness.

"PigeonEye." A raw voice intruded her thoughts. "We should turn back and report to our clan. We've done all we could to..."

"Turn back then, return with the pitful news without taking action beforehand. I'm sure the kits would love to hear it from their role models, their guardians even? To hear that they themselves couldn't retrieve a single item of food for their growing famine?" She turned to the warrior who spoke, head lifted defiantly. He backed
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"Scatter! I'll help her!" A dark brown tom crept towards the she-cat, the ice splintering beneath him. Having full faith in the tom, PigeonEye fled towards the shore, another warrior close behind. There on the banks of the lake, they panted, exhausted. Both of them hoped for the best as they looked across the lake at the two still in peril. PigeonEye felt guilt overwhelm her as she watched the pair, and that defiance within her vanished. Only an empty fatigue remained, she then wanted to return
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