Piggery Business Plan

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University of Technology, Jamaica
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Course code: ENT3001
Lecturer: Dr. Horace Williams
October 4, 2012
Group Members:
Garyann Robertson - 1105821
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Adrean Dawkins -1103471
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For the first six months of operation the business will have three employees where two will be working shifts on weekdays and the other on the weekend. As the business expands more man power will be employed.
The venture will start as a small farm that shall expand as the pigs reproduce. Piggery will sell primarily to restaurants, local butchers and supermarkets. As the business it will seek out more lucrative clients such as hotels, or large cooperation’s such as Grace, Eve, Lasco ect. Contracts with such entities will bring additional revenue for further expansion. By the end of the second year of operation the business is expected to double its out. By the end of year six of operations the business is expected to accumulate enough wealth to facilitate growth in the form of opening a new branch in St. Mary Jamaica.

6.0 Justification of the Business
Entrepreneurs creates something of value by pulling together resources, and in order for the venture to be worthwhile the entrepreneur should assume the economic, social and personal satisfaction or benefits associated with venturing in the business of choice.
Economic Benefits
One of the economic benefits of operating a piggery is the opportunity to contribute to the society whilst gaining recognition for the effort. Operation of a business of this kind helps to contribute to the

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