Piggery Project Proposal for Acankwete Piggery Project

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Name of Project Acankwete piggery Project (APP)
Name of implementing Organization Acankwete piggery Farming Project (APFP).

Contact Address Luzira Prison barracks

Contact Person Mr. Opono Denis

Position Project Chairperson

Type of Project Pig Farming.

Location of Project Luzira Prison Barracks.
Type of Project Beneficiaries Non-working Women & Youth.

Duration of Project 4 (four) years.

Legal Status – The project has not registered with the Ministry of Agricultural
Members Contribution 2 pigs @ 80000/=
Amount of Fund requested
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Poor people understands poverty as not just the lack of incomes, but also the incapacity of means to satisfy basic social needs, as well as a feeling of inability to break-even of the feeling of poverty, insecurity of person and property. Poverty results from factors like Inadequacies in access to natural resources, human factors, financial assets and social capital and infrastructure. The multitudes of these causes of poverty clearly depict the frustration poor people interface in jumping out of poverty.
The Gender Dimension of Poverty.
The principle dimensions of poverty in Uganda include gender, livelihood, location and seasonality- women and youth have not benefited as much as men in poverty noted in the past years. The main reason for this is that women and youth do not have access much opportunities for social and economic development as men, particularly in our community of Luzira Prison Barracks. Secondly, the division of labor in Uganda is complex in that many women are to be full time housewives.
Food production is the domain of women, whereas men in general concentrate on livestock and cash crops that have greater potential for income generation. Further, women

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