Piggy Character Analysis - Lord of the Flies Essay

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In every piece of literature there is always one character that stands out to me. Coincidentally, the characters I usually choose to admire are the weak, unpopular, failure types. In the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding the character that stood out to me most was Piggy. He was the boy whose real name was never mentioned, but his real name wouldn’t be as symbolic as the nickname he had throughout the book. Throughout the earlier chapters I pictured Piggy as the run of the mill loser that wasn’t cool enough to share snacks with in school even if he had the tastiest ones. Piggy is a very obedient character that always followed his auntie’s rules. He was different and he accepted that fact on the outside, but in the inside he was…show more content…
I was with [Ralph] before anyone was.” … “You can’t come” [Golding 24] Jack feels it is okay to belittle and leave Piggy behind simple because he’s different. Piggy is fairly persistent when matters involve Ralph but he seems to have control over himself as Jack tries to test his patience. Piggy might be weak physically but later on in the novel it is demonstrated that Piggy is quite strong mentally. His ideas show convenience and efficiency to getting rescued. "I expect we'll want to know all their names," said the fat boy, "and make a list. We ought to have a meeting." [Golding 5] Even though Piggy is a very unique character in his own way there are some similarities between him and Simon. The obvious similarity between Simon and Piggy is the outcast personalities they both have. Simon is considered crazy because he was the first to see what the real beast was, which was just a dead man with a parachute. Everybody else was convinced that it was a crazy mythical creature. Simon is mostly discriminated because of his actions, and Piggy is discriminated because of his appearance. Piggy was referred to as “fatty”, while Simon was referred to as “batty”. Their own “friends” on the island murdered both boys. Simon tried to tell the boys what the real beast was, but by being mistaken for the beast, Simon was stabbed to death by the boys. The sea then washed his body away. Piggy on the other hand was murdered simply because Roger had the chance, so he
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