Pike Fly Research Paper

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The Double Bunny Pike Fly is an extremely effective fly for northern pike. There are many different colour and tying variations of the bunny leech. This style in the color red works well in my part of the world. Pike seem to have a thing for the colour red, it triggers their aggression. 1) These are the materials I use for my double bunny pike fly. Comparable materials can be used but the action may vary. 2) Secure your hook in the vice and tie in your red thred. Wrapping the full length of the hook shank will create some friction on the lead wire and other material and keep it from moving on the shank. A large hook with a wide gap is a necessity for the large pike mouth. 3) Coil on your Lead wire and make wraps to secure it in place. 4) Tie in your pearl poly flash behind the lead wire to help with the tapper of the body.…show more content…
8) Wrap your pearl poly flash up the hook shank and secure in place. 9) Secure down the front of the bunny strip. Strip some fur at the tie in point to keep it from slipping out. Make sure to leave enough space for your deer hair collar and head. 10) Tie in a mixture of some crystal flash and flashabou to and some flash to the body. 11) Tie in Grizzly Heckle feathers to both sides of the fly, extend it just beyond the bunny fur. 12) Grab a clump of red deer hair. There is no need to stack it. Tie in the hair and spin it around the hook shank. 13) Build a head and taper the head to the eye. Try pulling back the hair to see what the fly would look like wet and base your thickest point of the taper off that. 14) Add a holographic eye and UV clear finish the head. And the fly is complete; now try to catch some pike with it. Remember, Pike have sharp teeth so don’t forget to tie a few of these when heading out on the water. Also, bring the right leader—like a Rio Toothy Critter—so the pike wont chomp through your
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