Pilate As A Positive Figure In The Bible

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The Bible is interpreted in many different ways. Depending on who wrote the chapter, when the story was written, and it depends on the person who is reading the story. All of these factors contribute to how we read the Bible. Depending on the context of the situation, Pilate may be portrayed as a negative, neutral, or positive figure in the Bible. Warrens Carter’s book, Pontius Pilate: Portraits of a Roman Governor, states,” Gundry sees the first sign of this Christianizing in Matthew’s presentation when Pilate asks the crowd if they want to release ‘Jesus Barabbas or Jesus who is called the Christ?’ (Carter 9).” This source claims that Pilate is one of the first Christians and makes an effort to save Jesus from being crucified. I argue that Pilate is seen as a negative figure in the Bible because The standard way of thinking about Pilate’s role as a figure in the Bible has it that Pilate is seen as a positive figure. Pilate is the governor and holds most of the power, he is aware of Jesus’s innocence before crucifying him, and he is naïve to think that his hands are cleaned of Jesus’s blood.
Pilate is seen as a negative character because of many different reasons. Pilate is not a normal citizen of Judaea; he was the governor. He had the power to approve or disapprove any decision the city wanted to make. Some sources claim that Pilate did not want to start a riot or that he fell into peer pressure, but a strong leader should have been able to stand up for the right
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