Pill Box Research Paper

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This is VERY IMPORTANT to keep up to date especially when medication needs to be distributed by the caregiver. It is recommended to have more than one pillbox for each time frame depending on the medication distribution. Having a medication pillbox will help to ensure that the correct medication is taken and can prevent missing a medication, taking the wrong medication, or taking more than prescribed. It can be easy to forget you have taken a medication and then take another dosage.

You may want to keep the medication bottles in a separate container that holds all the medication along with the Medication Daily Schedule. This helps keep in them in a safe place, out of reach from visitors, and in some cases the person to whom they are prescribed as they may have a tendency to get into them; a person with cognitive issues or dementia can get confused and take their medication more than what is prescribed.

Keep a Medication Chart of all medication, over-the-counter, and herbal supplementals. It will be easier to stay aware of what and when medications have been taken, discontinued, or there was an allergy reaction.

Some pharmacies
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Be careful if you allow the individual who needs assistance to be in charge of the weekly medication pillbox. It is recommended to check the pillbox to ensure that the medication is taken correctly. Also, if you have them fill the pillbox, watch and check that the medication is distributed correctly.

If a medication has been discontinued due to an allergic reaction, be sure to note it and add it to your “Allergy List.” State what the reaction was and what medication or hospital emergency was needed to remedy the situation.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the medication information up to date especially when distributed by the
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