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The structural features of the pill bug allows it to have advantages over other organisms. The pillbugs multi-segmented body allows it to roll into a ball if it feels threatened or in danger in order to protect its self. Another advantage of have a multi-segmented body is it allows the pillbug to semi curl to flip its self back over if it is knocked down. The antennae is used to sense the environment around it, even if it is in ball shape form. The advantages of this is the pillbug will know whether or not it is safe to come out of its ball shape form, if it had been threatened earlier. The antennae also allows the pillbugs to send signals to one another, it is a source of communication between them. The color of the pill
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From just one experiment it seems that the pillbugs were indifferent to the dark, except on one or two occasions they favored the dark . Multiple tests would ensure that the data is accurate and my conclusions would fully support my hypothesis.
If I had to create a terrarium to maintain some pillbugs in I would include objects as well as food that are in their natural habitat. For example I would add slightly acidic soil since it what they live in, and I would also add various sized rocks for which they could hid under. Pillbugs are relatively easy to feed since they eat decaying leaves, rotting trees, and rotting vegetables. So for their food they only require very little, they also eat their own feces in order to maintain a constant copper intake which they need to survive. For this reason pill bugs don’t require an excessive amount of food. Pillbugs like all living organisms need water to maintain life. So I would keep the soil moist as well as a little water bowl if necessary; however, pillbugs can receive water from the ground, food and other sources like leaves. The terrarium would also include a lower temperature since the pillbugs natural environment is in a cool, damp place. Everything included would ensure that the pillbugs will have the best chance of survival.
I would describe the pillbugs’ response to moisture as taxis instead of kinetic. When an organism has a taxis response it either moves towards or away from a stimulus.

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