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INTRODUCTION In the past, doctors have been diagnosing problems associated with the small intestine-such as cancer, ulcers and polyps-by using X-rays or exploratory surgery. These techniques are both unpleasant and painful, as is surgery. The advancement of our technology today has lead to its effective use and application to the medical field. One effective and purposeful application of the advancement of technology is the process of endoscopy, which is used to diagnose and examine the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract of the patents. It has been reported that this process is done by inserting an 8mm tube through the mouth, with a camera at one end, and images are shown on nearby monitor, allowing the medics to carefully guide it…show more content…
Sayaka is the first that gets a clearer picture by mounting the camera facing the side and spinning 360 degrees so that it shoots directly at the tissue walls. As the outer capsule travels through the gut, an electromagnet inside the pill reverses its polarity. This causes a permanent magnet to turn the inner capsule and the image sensor 60 degrees every two seconds. It completes a full swing every 12 seconds plenty of time for repeated close-ups, since the capsule takes about two minutes to travel one inch. Offload data: Instead of storing each two-megapixel image internally, Sayaka continually transmits shots wirelessly to an antenna in the vest, where they are saved to a standard SD memory card. Deliver video: Doctors pop the SD card into a PC, and software compiles thousands of overlapping images into a flat map of the intestines that can be as large as 1,175 megapixels. Doctors can replay the ride as video and magnify a problem area up to 75-fold to study details. Leave the body: At around $100, the cam is disposable, so patients can simply flush it away. The below is the block diagram of receiver that receives the pictures snapped by the camera inside the stomach. Nanotechnology which is the rice- grain sized motor. This miniature motor, when attached to the pill camera gives it a propelling action inside the body, which makes it easy for the pill to find its way through the digestive system. Also the

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