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INTRODUCTION In the past, doctors have been diagnosing problems associated with the small intestine-such as cancer, ulcers and polyps-by using X-rays or exploratory surgery. These techniques are both unpleasant and painful, as is surgery. The advancement of our technology today has lead to its effective use and application to the medical field. One effective and purposeful application of the advancement of technology is the process of endoscopy, which is used to diagnose and examine the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract of the patents. It has been reported that this process is done by inserting an 8mm tube through the mouth, with a camera at one end, and images are shown on nearby monitor, allowing the medics to carefully guide it…show more content…
These wires are connected to a light weight data recorder worn on a belt. Senor arrays are used to calculate and indicate the position of capsule in the body. A belt is applied around the patient’s waist and holds a recording device and a battery pack. Sensors are incorporated within the belt. Data recorder Data recorder is a small portable recording device placed in the recorder pouch, attached to the sensor belt. It has light weight (470 gm). Data recorder receives and records signals transmitted by camera. It is of the size of walkman and receives and stores 5000 to 6000 JPEG images on a 9 GB hard drive. Images take several hours to download through several connections. Data recorder stores the images of your examination. Do not expose them to shock, vibration or direct sunlight, which may result in loss of information. Working Principle It is slightly larger than normal capsule. The patient swallows the capsule and the natural muscular waves of the digestive tract propel it forward through stomach, into small intestine, through the large intestine, and then out in the stool. It takes snaps as it glides through digestive tract twice a second. The capsule transmits the images to a data recorder, which is worn on a belt around the patient's waist while going about his or her day as usual. The

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