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October 24, 2014
Pillars of Islam Relating to Purity
1. Introduction
Two major meanings of the word Islam are, “Finding peace and tranquility by submitting to the will of God” and “surrender to the will of God” (Islam and it’s Five Pillars). By these two definitions alone, we are able to predict the way that Muslims live their lives and what aspects of life they find most vital. The Islamic religion consists of five major pillars that ultimately lay the foundation of the whole religion. These pillars consist of very important rituals that are performed on a daily basis by the most devout Muslims and are said to all have purifying agents connected to them. With this being said, like most other religions, there are individuals who
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Devout Muslims live their life day to day honoring and praising Allah. Living life by the ways of Allah expresses how important faith and religion are to Muslims, considering sacrifice is a huge part of that. Two of the characteristics that Muslims strive for are mercifulness and compassion because those are two that they associate with Allah. They believe that Allah is merciful in the sense that he was the creator of every living creature and compassionate because when they die, Allah will welcome everyone back into his kingdom (Islam). It is believed that if the people of Islam live with mercy and compassion in their hearts, then they will be able to enter the Kingdom after death. It is also noted that the belief in Allah is a part of purification of the heart and soul, something that is required upon entering paradise (Elias).
3. Prayer Prayer, or Salah is a very important aspect of Islamic rituals. Muslims are required to pray five times each day, “at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening” (Al-Jubeir). While praying individually is accepted, most Muslims prefer praying in a mosque with a congregation of people. Although they perform this prayer ritual everyday, Fridays are the most significant day of prayer in the Islamic religion (Islam). Huston Smith, a devout Muslim, explains that, “praying this many times a day is just a way for us to drop what we are doing, and bring our minds back to what is truly important regarding our faith and
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