Essay about Pillars of Society

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SOC 100 SOC 100 Pillars of Society Matrix Instructions: Complete the matrix by comparing what you have read with what you have observed in your own experience regarding the how the economy impacts society’s pillars today. Additionally, describe how your community impacts all of the pillars. Politics Politics are all about power, and authority. The government is about owning and running services, such as mining, steel, energy, forestry, telephones, television stations, and airlines (Henslin, 2011). The United States has adopted many socialist practices. The most obvious is the government taking money from some individuals to pay for benefits of other. The government has complete control over all aspects of our lives. They…show more content…
Now and days I just see so many people just laying down and making babies instead of having values and morals with being married before the kids come. I can’t say all marriages will last because I was married at 20 and we did not last very long at all. Marriage and family can impact economics and community because people who are married tend to be better off than single and cohabiting parents (Kaye, Lerman, (n.d.)). In recent years technology can destroy a marriage and family because of these social websites. Then with economically there are so many layoffs and few jobs that it too has made an impact on families and a loss of a job and pull a marriage apart because of financial issues. Education Many Jobs require you to have the skills before you are allowed to work. Just like Doctors display their credentials (Henslin, 2010). Education helps us students in seeking higher positions and employment. I believe that we are getting educated from the time that we are born until the time we are no longer able to comprehend new information. We have to get an education to get better jobs if we would like to make good money in a failing economy. For me I got
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