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Three Pillars Essay Shacola Columbus Grand Canyon University: UNV 504 Innovation and Entrepreneurship December 24, 2014 The college of business has three very distinctive pillars that help the college of business move a positive direction. The three pillars are servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation these are pillars that the college base there learning on. While looking at all three pillars you can see how they all play a role with each other. The first pillar were actually go in depth into is servant leader. Servant leader is finding out what the people needs and putting them first. Servant leaders help others and also meet their environment need that’s located around them. A servant led…show more content…
The article shows behaviors that relate to this section of innovation, health care is so expensive and not available to many people due to the business innovation model. Innovation for many people believes it means making products and services that’s needed better and better as time goes on. Having servant leadership and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit will follow into the organization. Entrepreneurial spirit is taking the approach to seeking change, and having the attitude and or mindset that question innovation. Also thinking of change services that will help the continuous improvement for an organization. Two Must-Haves for Growth: Entrepreneurial Spirit and Focus on Core Competencies is article that was written by Richard chaifetz looks at the most important core competencies to help a company with sustainable growth and profit. He encourages people to clearly define the core competencies and living by them, and having an entrepreneurial value system and maintaining that value system while the company growths. While doing these two things companies will continue to grow and a place in the future. The behavior is practical in the Entrepreneurship spirit section by showing the thinking and or the mindset of change and the attitude. All three pillars that were mentioned Servant leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit related to

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