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In this case, Ron Birch, product manager for the new pasteurized king crab of Phillips Foods, needs to make a decision for the phase II of launch of king crab. He planned to continue the magazine strategy used in phase I, but Cherry Stockworth, vice-president of marketing of Phillips Foods, recommended him to use the budget to support half of cost of International Boston Seafood Show. According to the information given in this case, I don’t think this is an either-or choice, and my recommendation for Ron Birch is to decrease the cost of ads in trade magazines, change the content of ads in magazines before and after the IBSS, and support the IBSS in March SWOT Analysis of King Crab of Phillips related to Trade Show Before analyzing the…show more content…
Opportunity: U.S. seafood market grew rapidly in recent years, and the biggest part of seafood sales is fresh seafood, which is 54% of all seafood retail sales. The king crab of Phillips belongs to fresh seafood, which means it has huge market potential. Customers tend to buy food that is easy-cooked and fresh, which is a feature of the king crab product. The IBSS is a nation-wide trade show which could attract a lot of exhibitors and attendance. Making use of this platform could help Phillips to build its reputation and promote its products at the same time. Threat: Just because the IBSS could attract a large amount of exhibitors, the competition during the trade show is fierce. Though there are so many potential customers would appear at the trade show, how could Phillips beat the competitors and attracts enough customers to its booth. Another threat for king crab is the possible rejection of the retailers because they would feel risky to replace an old product with a new product. Pros and Cons of Alternative Strategies Trade advertising strategy Pros: Trade magazine is one of the most important sources for decision-makers and they will spend relatively long time in reading magazines. This strategy would cost less than trade show strategy and would reach broader potential customers. Cons: Effectiveness for brand building and lead generation of ads on magazines are 50.2% and 47.4%, lower than effectiveness of trade show, which are 60.9%

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