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Pillow Angel Ashley Michelle R. Porotesano Bryant & Stratton College MAAT111: Intro to Health Care Professor Smulsky June 9, 2012 Many parents would do anything for their children. But how far would some parents go just to benefit them in caring for their own child? In the Pillow Angel Ashley case the parents were ethically wrong in requesting her reproductive organs be removed. It was not only medically unnecessary, it was also against the law, and it was all done for the benefit of the parents. A team of physicians aided Ashley’s parents in the process of doing all of her procedures. Their roles in this controversy were as enablers. The parents felt that because Ashley had brain damage they needed to stop her growth and…show more content…
There could be a chance of Ashley being able to move an electronic wheelchair with her head had they waited to see if she was capable of that. As much as the doctors wanted to help how far would they go to just to benefit the parents with the care of Ashley? “Turning people into permanent children denies them dignity and whatever subtle therapeutic benefit comes from being seen as adult.” (Gibbs, 2007, ¶9) This is made even more unethical because her parent’s claimed to be college educated professionals and so their decision goes to prove that it was for convenience. The parent’s preference trumps Ashley’s fundamental human rights. Ashley’s parents were stunned at some of the comments that were posted on their chat boards. Some of the remarks were stating that they found the Pillow angel Ashley offensive and stated that it was “truly a milestone in our convenience society” and some just could not grasp the thought of why the parents chose this route. (Pilikington, 2007, ¶7) Would this treatment be tolerated if parents would want this for a healthy child? Mary Johnson who is an editor for Ragged Edge an online magazine for disabled activist said, “People have been horrified by the discrepancy.” (Pilikington, 2007, ¶8) Mary Johnson was frightened at the fact that if another child with a different disease would get the same procedure but not have the same effects as Ashley. The co-writer of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent

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