Pillow Method in Interpersonal Communication

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Here, there is no single definite correct answer, but each of the four views that can be given, as will be discussed herein, is correct. The four approaches are normally I'm Right, You are Wrong, then You are Right, I'm Wrong, then Both Right, Both Wrong and finally It Isn't Important Which Position is Right or Wrong. This indicates the complexity behind interpersonal communication and how a simple conflict in communication or situation can take widely varied angles. The real purpose of the pillow method as implied by MBA Notes World (2012) is for solving complex conflicts and issues that need diverse approaches to solve. These are issues that have diverse alternatives which could be used as the right approaches in solving a given situation.

Thesis The pillow method, if used appropriately in a major conflict can result in the parties involved having a good understanding of the situation and resolve the differences and even avoid future conflicts of the same nature. The conflict that I will use here is the conflict between me and my parent and in particular with my dad. This was sue to the fact that I had to move to live with my mum during the initial years of my college life yet there before I had been living with my dad.

Position 1: states I'm right and you are wrong. At the…
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