Pillow Rock Research Paper

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If you love something, should you let it go? Or should you hold onto it, even through bruised and bloodied knuckles? Do you even have a reason to be hanging on? Is it because you truly believe you love something? Or is it because you love the idea of never letting go?
It was 1970 when Apollo 15 astronauts made the trip to rural small town Ely, Minnesota, to pay homage to the 2.7 billion year old pillow rock (The Timberjay, 2016). The twelve feet wide rock, made up of billowed lava, is currently located on Main Street, a street which, despite its leading name, is tucked away on the outskirts of Ely where it is not seen by passersby. The proposed movement of the rock to the North American Bear Center would ensure the greenstone rock would meet the eyes of tourists and local residents alike each year, so that people from all around could celebrate in the history of Ely and become witness to the beauty of its historical landmarks.
However, the emotional ties citizens from Ely and surrounding towns possess to the rock, as well as for citizens who care deeply about preserving the historical landmarks on the Iron Range, the movement of Pillow Rock is seen as a betrayal to the environment they have all come to love. For them, the 2.7
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Structural movers would be hired to excavate underneath the rock, creating a cradle around it so that no damage is done to it. Because the rock is glacier erratic, pillow rock has already been moved from its original position. Moving the rock to the North American Bear Center would not be the first time it has been moved. Its current location on Main Street holds no historical connotations to be lost by moving it. Through relocation, not only would the rock have the opportunity to be seen by more people, but it also has the chance to gain less of a chance of being defaced by those who do not understand the history behind the
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