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Pillsbury Cookie Challenge
What are consumer insights?
In order to market a product, we must first understand customer needs and wants. Consumer insight is the information gathered about a target population in order to better align market strategies with consumer needs. The goal is to better understand the customer ­ in the Pillsbury Cookie Case, Guillen focused on his cookie customers.
What types of challenges can benefit from consumer insights?
One type of challenge that can be solved using consumer insights is increasing volume and profit growth of particular business segments. Generating new insights into current and potential consumers allows for a more focused marketing effort that appeals to consumers. Understanding the consumer
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Sample size is typically small and more open ended. Interviews, in­home ethnographies, and focus groups are used to explore consumer and understand consumer behavior. Skilled administrators are more likely to carry out quantitative research due to its complex and objective nature.
Do you think that the team has sufficient information after conducting the usage and attitude study? Why did the team decide to run the in­home and discovery workshops as well?
The team gathered a wealth of information about the products strengths and weaknesses, but lacked important consumer­brand relationship information. Supplementing the Consumer Insight Team research with the Usage and Attitude Study provided a well rounded customer understanding.
Ethnography (in­home studies) were effective at providing insight into the world of the consumer. TerraNova Market Strategies Inc. understood that the consumer purchase goes beyond purchasing the product at the store. Post­purchase behavior is important to maintain and grow the cookie­customer base. This open ended type of research allowed administrators to observe, rather than interview consumers as they used the product. These type of two hour in­home studies allow for a more intimate understanding of consumer personal motivations and actions that a traditional structured research model could not measure. By understanding the “big picture” the team is able to better understand how

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