Pilot Testing: Possible Or Intellectually Competency?

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If a pilot holds these prestigious and difficult to earn FAA certificates, that took many years to gain, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that the pilot is mentally stable and intellectually competent since these are the basic and inherent requirements for such certificates issued by the FAA? I believe so. Why? Because the intelligence tests that I took were almost impossible to complete and unrelated to my job as a pilot. The questions related to aviation were too complex for one to conduct mental math and use my 15 years of experience as a fighter pilot (a fighter pilot who has worldwide experience, had graduated at the top of his class, had both peace and combat experience, and had been tested under fire to include losing power in a single-engine jet) to answer with a reasonable confidence level. With years of both military and civilian flying experience, scoring high on these batteries of tests were impossible. Instead of being practical, the tests just left me feeling hopeless and basically a failure. My…show more content…
Going into the test armed with the basic knowledge of how to respond to questions is huge. For example, make sure you never answer anything feminine. If the test question asks, “would you rather pick flowers or pester animals”. Pester animals would be the best choice in order not to look feminine. “Would you rather look at the stars on a cloudless night” or “get up early to go hunting?” These are some basic examples from a test I took almost 20 years ago…..a 600 plus question test used to see if I was mentally stable. And, to top it off, I had to go to a psych interview that made me feel like I was potentially crazy. Of course, that was nothing to being tested all night in a tight jail cell in POW training in the USAF where they actually tried to see if you would go crazy. That’s another ethical story to share
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