Pilots Received Human Factors Training

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g that Zonks’ pilots received human factors training, company manual training, or procedures for an SMS program. However, pilot’s reiterated that the owner stated, “Never be unsafe, but try and be creative before aborting a flight.” 1.9 Final Analysis The pilot was a newly hired employee who was currently outside of his window for qualifications of flight. He was overdue for this Part 135 check-ride that was to be accomplished by the owner/operator of Zonk Airlines; however due to poor documentation the owner/operator had let the unqualified pilot fly. The pilot had experience flying this particular make and model of aircraft prior to the day of the accident; however, it was unclear wither or not the pilot had experience flying in mountainous areas because the pilot’s logbook was never found. Furthermore, the pilot failed to follow proper procedures by filing a IFR or VFR flight plan, acquiring a weather report, by failing to do a proper weight and balance of the aircraft, and he failed to secure the cargo properly. Zonk employee’s failed the pilot by failing to inquire about the pilot’s personal life that was obviously affecting his professional life. Procedures should have been followed to take the pilot out of service until a proper determination could be made about his ability to perform his duties properly. The HFACS model would have aided the supervision of Zonk Airlines to perform a proper overview their company. Maintenance personnel at Wrench and Fix had
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