Pinatubo Of 1991 Research Paper

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Some volcanoes cause tons of hot lava, poisonous gas, and ash that has the ability to travel hundreds of miles, destroying businesses, homes, animals, people, and frankly everything in its path, some volcanoes can erupt and leave nothing behind. On the other hand, there are eruptions that are mild and have minor eruptions which do not cause such harm as the major eruptions. When a volcano erupts the gases, vapors, and ash is injected into the stratosphere and forms a veil.
The effect of the volcanic eruption depends on the particle amounts and sizes, their distribution, location in terms of latitude, and the residence time in the atmosphere. After eruptions, the link between the dust injected into the atmosphere via eruptions were observed
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The pollution in the air from the volcanic eruption was noted to have affected the radiation transfer in the atmosphere. Lamb 1970, found that there was a decrease in direct solar radiation and an increase in diffusion in the year following an eruption, and if the dust veil was large there may also be a lowering of surface temperatures. (Lamb 1970) The most well studied eruption was the Mt Pinatubo eruption of 1991, although not the largest in history. The Pinatubo eruption produced an estimated peak aerosol mass loading of 30 x 1012 g or 30 Tg, making it the largest measured injection into the stratosphere in the 20th century (McCormick and Viega 1992). This eruption ejected high levels of SO2 and as measured by the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) was found to be 20Tg (Bluth 2003). Figure 1 shows the movement of the sulfur aerosols throughout April 1991 through January 1994. The transport of gases was very rapid south across the equator with this eruption due to the meridional circulations not previously seen in other eruptions such as El Chichón. In a study done by Young et. al. 1994 found that the southward transport of aerosol measured with the satellites SAGE II and ISAMS (Grainger 1993) were caused by local heating which induced this circulation. At
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