Pinball Journal Entry

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A laughing puppy lit up as my ball ricochet away and into a pit. The machine exploded in a frenzy of blinking lights and bells, my score rolling upwards to 300,000. My sweaty palms on the side of the game awaited the ejection. I stared down the game, my lips pursed and eyes like knives. Around me, a bar. Hostesses brought drinks, and men and women talked. There was flirting, boozing, laughing, and chatting. People stood, sat, sang, slumped, and saturated. A rude, lewd, crude dude thought he was smooth and but blew it, on a girl with a bad tattoo. Rejected he rolled his eyes to find a new girl to fail with. But not I. No, I waited until the ball shot out. And I didn’t register a thing around me. And then it did but I saw my dream of beating…show more content…
And on this gorgeous day I decided my original plan for the day of wasting quarters on a game where I’m laughed at by a dog was stupid. I didn’t want to waste time on a day like this. Bars are always dark. But it’s not always light outside. However, the best laid schemes… I found myself alone once more, despite the decision and despite the principle behind it, I suddenly found myself once again wondering what to do. Where to go. So I decided to walk further into the depths of…show more content…
And Kendrick Lamar’s I Do This obliterates Neil Young.

The homies say I'm the truest
The bitches think I'm the cutest
The definition what cool is
Boy, I thought you knew this
Bitch I do this!

I had some time to kill though. Chuck was driving all the way from his house and I was already only a few blocks away from the library. So I decided to make a wrong turn and head away from the library to explore around the river the flowed through downtown. It was odd; I recognized that I always rode toward

I weaved on the sidewalk, around rocks, sticks and cracks. I exageratted the movement as best I could. I looked up and saw a white camry drive past me, just like mine. I craned my neck to follow it with my eyes. I looked ahead just in time to see my front tire slam into a raised edge of sidewalk. The shock resonated through mine and the bike’s body. And I felt the resistance of peddling disappear and I watched my chain fall off my bike. I began the slow deceleration out of hyperdrive and the world became more and more in focus. I didn’t hit my brakes, and I eventually glided to a slow stop. I closed my eye and took a deep sigh. I looked back at my chain a few hundred feet back laying flat and straight on the ground. And I felt a flash of intesne sadness, that even surprised me a little. But it was soon overcome by a dull and familiar sense of a harsh abusive reality toying with my existence. Chipping away a little here, and a little there,
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