Pinch Pot Research

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Before I started to make the pots, I did some research about different types of pots. I looked through photos of variety types of ceramics, which gave me ideas and inspiration of what I want to create for my own pot. I also copied the vocabularies that we’ll use while working with clay such as coil and slab. After building a foundation towards ceramics, I started planning what I’m going to create and what my design’s going to be. I didn’t sketch out what I’m going to make, but I had a clear idea in my mind of what my pot’s going to be.
Once all the planning was completed, our class was introduced to pinch pot. The teacher demonstrated on the basics of how to make a pinch pot. I kept my pinch pot simple without adding lot’s of details on it. I made the shape of my pinch pot square, but with round edges. However, because the kiln malfunctioned, all the
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The coil pot had to be at least around seven inches tall. I started off with the same way of how I made my pinch pot, building the foundation for my coil pot. Then, I started to make coils and added them onto my pot. I scored the edges of the coils and added slip to ensure that it’ll stick on my pot tight without breaking. I wanted to make my coil pot look more interesting, therefore, I used a pinch of clay and decorated my pot by adding small spheres. After adding the spheres, I used a small portion of clay and made a few coils out of it. I turned those coils into spirals since I thought that it would look nice.
The last pot we made was a slab pot. I decided to make a rectangular slab pot, therefore, went to get the amount of clay I’ll need. I cut off all the pieces and combined them together by slipping and scoring. I used a tool and smoothed the entire pot after I finished making the slab pot. I also added a few coils on the edges inside the box to strengthen the pot. I made a lid for the slab pot as well, which turned out to fit
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