Pine Vally

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Case Study
Week one
Pine Valley Furniture

Case Study Answers A) PVF went about developing their information systems because the demand for furniture was increased. In the beginning a process oriented approach was utilized. Each separate application had its own data files. The applications automated the manual systems on which they were modeled. In an effort to improve its information systems. They then renovated its information systems, resulting in a company wide database and applications that work with this database. Then the primarily use was in the accounting and financial areas. All applications were built in-house, and when necessary, new information systems staffs were hired to support Pine Valley Furniture’s expanding
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ERP packages are heavily used by larger retail chains. Designed to facilitate the administration and optimization of internal business processes across an enterprise, ERP packages have become the competitive tool for most large retail organizations. ERP software uses a single database that allows the different departments to communicate with each other through information sharing. ERP systems comprise function-specific components that are designed to interact with the other modules such as the Order Entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Distribution etc. C) As I have stated I have been applying for a wide variety of jobs since graduation in December. A few of which were System Analysis jobs, and for each organization the requirements are different. Skills required should be as follows: This position reports to the Chief Information Technology Officer, and will work closely with the Enterprise Systems Architect and Network Support group, as well as 3rd party development consultants. The Information Technology Department manages the technology and computer infrastructure that drives the organizations business systems. The IT department manages a network infrastructure that supports the national office and 7 regional offices across. The Systems Analyst/Developer position requires strong business skills and would be responsible for reviewing, analyzing and occasionally modifying
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