Pineal Gland Cell Tumors

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tumors are treated but if surgery is not a viable treatment radiation can also be used. Schwannomas are most commonly non-cancerous and begin in the hearing nerve. The hearing nerve can also be called the acoustic nerve, 8th cranial nerve, or the vestibulocochlear nerve. For the most part, this type of tumor is found in between the cerebellum and the pons at an angle. This type of tumor exhibits slow growth as these tumors slowly grow they move nerve fibers which can cause complications. Furthermore, they can form in any nerve that is peripheral as long as Schwann cells are present. If the Schwannomas form in the spinal canal they can form in a dumbbell shape which can then move in or out of the spinal canal using the nerve root. The main…show more content…
Furthermore, Pineal Region tumors don't have to involve the pineal gland The different types of tumors that truly come from pineal gland cells are mixed pineal tumors, pineoblastoma, and pineocytoma. The types of tumors that can occur in the pineal region but don't necessarily have pineal gland cells are germinoma, non- germinoma, dermoid cysts, meningiomas, astrocytomas, and gangliogliomas. The pineal gland cells come from the pineal gland which is located at the back of the third ventricle. A ventricle in the brain is a cavity filled with fluid. The pineal gland tumors are all different like the Pineocytoma is only a grade II tumor that slowly grows while the Pineoblastoma can be a grade IV aggressive tumor or a grade III intermediate. There is also the mixed pineal tumors that have unique combinations of different cell types. Symptoms associated with this type of tumor are mainly due to the cerebrospinal fluid flow being blocked as well as eye movement being compromised. The main symptoms are vomiting, double vision, and headaches. Pineal Region tumors are thought to have a connection to chromosomal abnormalities and the main treatment is radiation therapy and possibly surgery. Additionlly, to help with the diagnosis of this type of tumor many patient will have to have MRI and CT scans to see the size are
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