Ping Sweeps and Port Scans for Security for Network Systems

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Despite its impact ping sweeps and port scans are best understood as a huge security threat on today's company's network system. Introduction As technology grows and information has become a critical asset companies currently are devoted their resource and money to protect their data as important as their finance and human resource assets. Moreover, now days using information system is not as walking as in the park, it has many new security treats that the company might lose their confidential data, financial and personal information. Today we can find types of network security treaties differ in their nature. Ping sweeps and port scans are one of the big issues that companies facing in current business world. This report will provide brief explanation about these treats and what are the impacts in the organization business. Body Ping sweeps and port scans are the most popular technique that hacker and attackers used to gain access to the network. Ping sweeps and port scans are dangerous security treat if they are left undetected. Ping sweeps is also called ICMP sweep is used by system administrator for diagnoses network problems. But hackers are used ping sweeps as a tool to gain access on private networks and identify what computer is active so that they can concentrate on that specific host or computer. When system administrator sent a ping request using a computer technology called ICMP echo request, the machine received the echo request packet and will send a reply
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