`` Pink Think ' : A Book That Examines The Influences Of The Feminine Ideal Essay

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ynn Peril’s, Pink Think is a book that examines the influences of the feminine ideal. Peril was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. She writes, edits, publishes, and dissects popular culture, especially that concerning gender-related behavioral instructions. She starts off the essay with her thesis saying that the human female is bombarded with advice on how to wield those feminine craftiness. She starts the book with how young women were supposed to wear conservative dresses, and get boyfriends in hopes of those boyfriends to become their husbands and fathering their children so they may become what was perceived as victorious, a mother and housewife. These ideas and concepts fitted to the times that Peril mentions in her book. She founds this a very negative outlook on pink think and is trying to me, the reader to also look at the book as something negative and vile. Today, I believe that these stereotypes have indeed changed, and do not exist as much in the world we live in today. However, in today’s world new concepts and ideas have manifested in for young women in America. Peril begins this essay with the introduction making the point that women are expected to behave and act the “Pink Think” way. She then goes into stating that the thought of girly things made her form a hatred and it left her feeling awkward and out of place. She gives examples throughout the book, how women were suppose to act. Which deals with
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