Pinocchio, A Classic Film Directed By Norman Ferguson

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Human Nature, a state of dangerous and unpredictable practicality that intertwines within difficulties of our lives. Humans make mistakes not because we are programmed to do so, but because we have an analytical mindset to choose what best suits our self-interest . If you would ask me, Human nature is probably one of the most terrifying things of this Earth. Nevertheless, you can’t stand but to love humanism and the persona of one 's being. Pinocchio, a classic film directed by Norman Ferguson, reminds us how it is to be vulnerable, fragile, and human. Through the linear progression of choice and opposition, Pinocchio’s wooden heart has to learn the acrimonious trial of human temptation and deviance in order to become a real boy. Thus creating the theme, “you must go through trial, turbulation and experiences in order to truly appreciate humanity and others.”
In the beginning, just as many films begin, we open the story. This simple action helps the audience literally envision the beginning, the opening, the first page of a story. This makes the film more personable, as if we were reading the book with a family member before going to bed. In the timeline, we would call this the exposition in which happiness and no opposing forces have occurred yet. Pinocchio is still a wooden puppet and we are introduced to the characters of the film. What I find is interesting is that Even from the beginning, Pinocchio was the closest to human out of all the toys and wooden clocks in the

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