Pinochet Human Rights Violations

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The rule of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte is one of much controversy. After leading a military coup backed by the United States of America to usurp democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende, Pinochet served as dictator from 1973 to 1990. Once in power, the Junta, or joint military commission that was tasked with running new Chile and headed by Pinochet, banned all left-leaning political parties (don Quijote), and reversed Allende’s leftist policies, lowering inflation and causing an economic boom (Britannica). Under his regime, Pinochet is responsible for at least 35,000 human rights violations, including 28,000 tortures, 2,279 executions, and 1,248 missing people, as well as 200,000 citizens (about 2 percent of…show more content…
The new administration, led by President Patrizio Aylwin, was unable to investigate human rights violations and economic crimes due to the Constitutional Tribunal upholding a law that restricted any new government from investigating any actions taken by the military government since it took power in 1973 (UPI Archive). This meant those that suffered under Pinochet’s rule were unable to seek retribution and were left only to dwell on his cruelty (NPR). There were mixed feelings in the country regarding whether or not to punish him. While some people demanded he be punished, others argued that he should be praised. Fernando Alessandri, a Chilean political figure, claims that “The Pinochet regime has many mistakes, very serious mistakes, but these are mistakes that should always be kept in perspective.”, also stating that “His biggest legacy will be that he opened the country’s economy to the world, and brought the world to the country” (NPR). Eventually, Pinochet did face judgement. While in London on a medical visit, he was extradited to Spain after the Spanish court system found him connected to the torture of Spanish citizens in Chile during his former
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