Pinoy Youth’s Preference for Kpop (Korean Pop) Music: How Does It Affect Their Taste for Opm (Original Pilipino Music)?

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Pinoy Youth’s Preference for KPOP (Korean Pop) music: How does it affect their taste for OPM (Original Pilipino Music)?
This particular research study aims to determine the Pinoy Youth’s Preference for Korean Pop Music and how does it affect their taste for Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Regarding this, the researchers will seek to know whether factors like rhythm and music composition of Korean Popular Music really affect the Pinoy teenagers’ preference towards Original Pilipino Music In addition, the researchers want to distinguish the respondents (female residents of the University of the Philippines Cebu College Dormitory and other chosen students in UPVCC) view toward Korean Pop music as well as their
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Below the introductory question will be 2 tables, one for K-pop music and the other one is for OPM music. The two tables are divided into 5 columns. These columns would serve as the respondents’ ratings from 1 to 5 and 5 as the most appreciated towards K-pop and OPM Music. Each factor consists of 3 phrases related to the factor revealed. As mentioned earlier, one factor that affects the respondents’ preference toward music is the performers. The second factor involves the pattern of beats that the music contains. The third one relates to the lyrics of the music and how the message is being delivered to the listeners or audience.

The researchers provide a survey questionnaire with a letter of permission to the chosen respondents. If the respondents approved the letter, they would answer the questionnaire automatically. If not, the researchers would pick another respondent and will answer directly to the survey questionnaire after approval. The respondents would just directly answer the questions with no time limit. After the respondents have completed answering the questions, the questionnaire will be collected.


The researchers would then tally the results obtained. The results will then be tabulated. After that, thorough analysis should be done and the results would then be interpreted. This will be done by calculating the results using the Chi-Square Test for Independence. The researchers decided to use

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