Pinterest : A Picture Is Worth Thousand Words

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Pinterest: A Picture is worth thousand words This case study in the first chapter of the ‘e-commerce’ book takes us through the Pinterest’s journey to success as an e-commerce company. It shows how the company transformed itself since its inception in 2010 and how it has acquired most of the 8 features of that an e-commerce company should possess namely, ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, information richness, interactivity, information density, personalization and Social technology. This case study showcases Pinterest’s successes in adopting some of these virtues and also brings forth some of the challenges that Pinterest faces today. I will attempt to answer the three case study questions by reviewing this case study and some additional reading about Pinterest. Why Does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor? Pinterest started as a social networking platform where its users can come together to share creative ideas and DIY type projects. Users can share or Pin their own work or someone else’s work which they develop an interest in. However, in recent times it has started positioning itself a tool to search and bookmark creative ideas rather than just sharing hobbies and interests within your social network. This statement made in the case study seems completely unbelievable. When I myself go to Pinterest to get ideas about a project I am trying to do or achieve, the first thing I would do is search the idea itself on the Pinterest rather than searching
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