Pinterest Human Behavior Analysis

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Most human behavior is learned observationally through modeling; from observing others. If people did not observe the different behaviors that others were doing there would be nothing new ever going on in the world. Everyone would essentially be almost like a robot because there would be no new behavior. Social learning is the best example of this, in life there is not one thing that you can look at and not relate it to social learning. The biggest example is social media. On social media everyone can be considered a “copycat” and that their post, tweet ,and or status is not original. And somewhere out there , there may be a post that is very similar to the one you are about to see,watch, and or read.
When it comes to social learning there
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But this is where the reproduction stage of social learning happens to fall under . When looking on Pinterest you can “pin” things you can save them and you can also communicate in a way you can't on other social media sites . Have a great idea , well I bet you are going to find over a thousand more on that website of exact or very similar idea. It is proven that if one person has never seen something they would never want to do it. So therefore if you see something horrible on Pinterest the thought will be in your mind and you might keep thinking about it, until one day eventually you will crack and you will do it because you will think since you've seen it so much it's not that bad of an idea. YouTube can also fall under the reproduction social learning theory because , I bet we can all say that we have gone on to YouTube seen a video that was cruel but in some way wanted to try it. An example is every year around thanksgiving time these people have the brilliant idea to deep fry a turkey in a trash can , and most film it. If you go on and look it up most websites say not to try it because you could get seriously hurt , but yet people get the idea and simply have to try it . On YouTube you see people almost getting blown up because they do not know how to correctly deep fry the turkey, but it…show more content…
Ronda isn't much of a person who goes on the Internet and trash talks people on the Internet nor in general. But when it comes to the biggest fight in her career she went on to Instagram and posted a video about the other girl and was saying how she was going to win. And everyone was talking about it and saying how she's going to win because she's being so cocky and that Ronda knew exactly how the other girl was going to fight . Comes showtime and everything that Ronda expected not to happen did. She did it out of peer pressure and she was just embarrassed after and hasn't shown her face
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