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Project Management, 2e (Pinto)
Chapter 7 Risk Management

7.3 Multiple Choice

1) The difference between projects that fail and those that are ultimately successful has to do with:
A) the plans that have been made to deal with problems as they arise.
B) the fact that a successful project doesn't encounter problems.
C) whether the project is for an internal or external customer.
D) whether the problem is time- or budget-related.
Answer: A

2) Project risk is highest during the:
A) termination stage of the project life cycle.
B) concept stage of the project life cycle.
C) implementation stage of the project life cycle.
D) development stage of the project life cycle.
Answer: B

3) Project risk is lowest during
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He also purchased copious quantities of both items and made them readily available at the entrance. The foreman is engaged in:
A) risk identification.
B) risk mitigation.
C) analysis of probability and consequences.
D) control and documentation.
Answer: B

14) The residents of Enumclaw, Washington, live in the shadow of majestic Mount Rainier and its 26 glaciers. The Cascades form a ring of fire around the Pacific Northwest and erupt with surprising regularity, although Mount Rainier hasn't erupted on a major scale since about a thousand years ago. When it does erupt, the pyroclastic flow (a massive cloud of superheated ash and rock up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit that can travel at speeds up to 300 miles per hour) will make Enumclaw a less pleasant place to live. City leaders have completed the:
A) control and documentation phase of risk management.
B) risk identification phase of risk management.
C) analysis of probability and consequences phase of risk management.
D) risk mitigation strategies phase of risk management.
Answer: C

15) The mouse executive board meeting was drawing to a conclusion; the only way they would be able to detect the presence of the cat was to tie a bell around its tail. Under their risk management identification scheme, this would fall under:
A) commercial risk.
B) execution risk.
C) financial risk.

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