Pioneer HDJ-1000 Review

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Pioneer HDJ-1000 Review HDJ-1000 stand next to the heavyweights of DJ cans. But these are meant solely for DJs working in a noisy club. If you are an audiophile, this may not be the best pick for you. Sound Quality - 7.5/10 HDJ-1000 has a specifically colored output. The mid-bass are given a big enhancement at the cost of other parts of the spectrum. The lower parts of the bass can sometimes be totally lost. Vocals often become shrill and treble becomes very prominent. That said, the cans do deliver what they promise. By enhancing mid-bass they allow you to mix your tracks while another track is playing loudly over the club sound system. It is the kick that matters the most for you at that point in time. Design - 8/10 It was probably the first set of DJ cans that got the look right. As a DJ, the sound may be the most important aspect of your work, but you also want to take pride in the equipment you own. The prominent color schemes that HDJ-1000 introduced addressed this very well. The fold down feature was, and still is, a great hit with the DJs. But even bigger hit is the switch that allows you to switch to a mono output. You can have the headphone over one ear and listen to the environment sounds with the other – and be sure that you are listening to the whole sound, not just one half of it. HDJ-1000 lets you listen in with a single ear by letting you folding one earcup up. It also lets you twist the headband so the earcup fits behind your ear. The switch works like a

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