Pioneer Petroleum

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“Big City Trust Company”
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Group 4 Report

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Case Analysis

Executive Summary According to the case, Auto-Drive Company is developing an Auto-Drive which will be installed in cars, a technology that would switch cars into automatic pilot. This kind of
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On April 16, 1958, it changed its name to Haloid Xerox Inc., since it is focusing on commercial xerography. On July 11, 1961, its common stock that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange with 7,700 shares closed with a price of $104 per share. On April 18, 1961, it changed its name to Xerox Corporation (Xerox, n.d.).

Polaroid Corporation was established by Edwin Land and George Wheelright III in 1937. The technology that they have developed made a wide application. In 1935, American Optical Company got a license to use polarizers for the production of sunglasses (Polaroid, n.d.). Aside from the uses of the technology on the products of war, it was also used to invent instant camera called the Polaroid Land Camera, with film. In 1950-1954, Polaroid sales exceeded $23 million and over 4,000 dealers in the US alone selling Polaroid cameras, films and accessories. A color-photo version of the Polaroid camera was released in 1963 which was called Polacolor (bio., nd.).


A. Institutional

Should Big City Trust Company invest on Auto-Drive Company’s stock considering the potential growth of the company, to expand its pension fund portfolio?

B. Operational

Which strategy or model should Big City Trust Company advice Auto-Drive Company in terms of financing its potential growth, especially in sales, of its potential breakthrough product, the auto drive?

Corporate Objective

As a trust company handling the

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