Pioneers of the Renaissance

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Advancements following the middle ages brought a whole new world filled with complex inventions and ideas. The embracing of new knowledge and improvements can only be summed up as the way of the Renaissance. This new era paved a pathway that led to change for the better. Pioneers of the Renaissance made the first steps of new age development when they transformed aspects of everyday life by creating technological advancements and ideas, thus leading to a new frontier for future inventions.
Working on farmland was common among the average renaissance citizen. One of the most impacting inventions was the new kind of plow. Farming materials were a constant struggle to use and maintain, but with this new time period, farming heavy, clay soil
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Netzley , also, references the fact that studies were done to make calculations for determining latitude and longitude. This brought exploration farther than ever. Grimble expresses the expansion of oceangoing ships that could withstand long travel. More specifically described is the ingenuity of the caravel, “a vessel that was sturdy, but also fast and maneuverable thanks to its small size and combination of square and triangular sails” (Grimble 6). Confidence with traveling by sea grew with improved sea instruments.
According to Netzley’s findings, “… the gap between the theory of medicine and what doctors actually did was wider than at almost any other period of history”. Netzley further explains that a doctor’s practice was widely guided by old-fashioned techniques and superstitions. This fact didn’t stop the growing of science advances. New treatments were found, such as medicine for syphilis. A French physician stumbled on a new way to stop a patients bleeding during a surgical procedure (Netzley 70). A highly regarded written piece during the Renaissance was the first accurate anatomy text titled De Humani Corporis Fabrica or “On the Fabric of the Human Body” (Netzley 72). There were many moments of discovery of specific functions made by body parts throughout the Renaissance that led to more medical findings.
Classical style forming in the Renaissance fueled the fire for new art creations. The new age art showed landscapes drawn more accurately because of
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