Pip in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations Essay

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Pip in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations "Great Expectations", written by Charles Dickens and set in mid-late Victorian era; is about a boy named Philip Pirrip, better known as Pip and his "great expectations". As a child he lived with his sister and brother in-law Joe. Luck brings him to the aid of a convict, and to the house of a wealthy society lady. After many encounters with her in "Satis house", he seeks a life as a gentleman. A Victorian society gentleman is a man of high social status, and is expected to be wealthy, well educated, come from a wealthy background, and have enough money not to work. This is all Pip's perception of what the precepts of being a gentleman are. Drummle sets a good example of this for…show more content…
Affluence is unimportant for a moral gentleman; the importance is how you treat and respect others. Victorian gentlemen seems to be more about themselves or rather what is around themselves, like wealth; moral gentlemen are more about their inner qualities, personality and the way they behave. The expectations of a moral gentleman are more naturally come by; the society gentleman gains unnatural qualities; so what I'm trying to say is the moral gentleman comes from within a person, a person who becomes a society gentleman is selfish because he wishes to gain. The arrogant behaviour seems to come naturally for a society gentleman, or for a person who is in contact with one. Herbert and his father Matthew fit some of both precepts, they are well-educated, quite wealthy, work for their living, and have friends. Herbert is caring, "devoted the day to attending to me", he tends Pips wounds, and Pip describes him as "kindest of nurses." Herbert is also a moral gentleman; Pip took his time in realising that he should have copied his example instead of Drummle's. Before Pip went to London he had been to, a wealthy society lady, Miss Havisham's house many time, he met a girl named Estella who called him "coarse" and "common", this is the starting point to Pip's intensions of being a gentleman. Pip tells Biddy he wants to be a gentleman because of Estella "I want to be a gentleman on her account".
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