Pipelines And Its Effects On The Environment And The Economy Essay

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Pipelines in the U.S. and Their Effects on the Environment and the Economy In the United States, there is a controversy on how safe pipelines are for the environment and whether or not we should approve the construction of pipelines, such as the Keystone XL. This is a problem that we are experiencing in today’s world. To fix this issue we should better educate people on the risks that are decreased by hauling crude oil through pipelines instead of hauling by rail and trucks. There are many people who feel very passionately about the construction of the pipelines and a very small group of people who are very committed and are currently in North Dakota participating in protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Pipelines are often looked at as a very dangerous to the environment. This can be very true as an oil spill can cause tremendous issues of toxicity and cause death of wildlife. The companies who build pipelines are doing their best to insure the safety of the wildlife and the environment. Such as, leak detection systems and trenches that will keep oil from being carried away from the pipeline and contaminating the land surrounding if a leak were to occur (Congressional Digest, 2011). Pipelines are something that already exist and we do not even think about from day to day. The United States has more than 2.4 million miles of energy pipeline; seventy-two thousand of which are crude oil lines. In order to keep up with oil production, we need

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