Pipelines Are Making Headlines Lately For All The Wrong Reasons Essay

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Pipelines are making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. It is important to address why they are perceived to be harmful, if they actually are, and how they can be improved for the future, or if they should be eliminated. The use of pipelines date back as far as 500BC in China. In those times, the pipelines were made of bamboo, used to separate the salt from the sea water. The United States did not adopt these until much later. Edwin L. Drake drilled his first commercial oil well in the United States near the city Titusville in Pennsylvania; the oil which they nicknamed “rock oil” was then used as a less expensive alternative to whale oil. It was used as lubricant and as fuel for lamps. It was not long after this that it was realized they would need a more cost effective way of transporting the oil from place to place. At the time, Teamsters were using horses and wagons to get the oil to the markets; one barrel going five miles costed more than the entire rail charged to go to New York City. For that reason, the pipeline was created. The first pipelines were nothing special; they were short and sometimes made of wood. With their growing popularity into the 1860s, the quality control followed over the pipe manufacturing, switching from wrought iron to steal. (Pipeline 101, n.d.) Coming into the twenty-first century, the pipeline has still been playing a key role in the oil industry. Given, its importance to the oil industry it is important to understand how

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