Pipelines Vs The People . The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

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Pipelines vs The People The Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota has made headlines throughout the US because of their reaction to what they feel is a threat to not only their sacred lands but also the water source of the whole tribe, along with many others. The construction of an oil pipeline going through North and South Dakota while going under the Missouri River has caused this major controversy. This pipeline that is soon being built has been a project that was halted before by the past president Obama in late 2016. The project called Bakken or better known as the Dakota Access Pipeline, is being built by Energy Transfer Partners. This is a 3.8 billion dollar oil pipeline that would stretch over 1,100 miles long through North…show more content…
The Standing Rock Sioux tribe believes that there is a great risk of the pipeline leaking into the water source, even though there is already pipelines located below the Missouri River they do not want any more new oil pipelines to endanger their sacred burial land. They are at great risk of environmental damage and poisoning the people that use this water on a daily by putting this pipeline below Lake Oahe. Most of the 1,200 mile long Dakota Access Pipeline has already been built except for the last piece that is going directly under Lake Oahe, construction has been further halted because of the protesters and their supporters. They halted the construction of the pipeline because of the protest camps that were set up right near the construction site, located near the Missouri River. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has not given up their fight to end this project. The tribe claims that they had no consent of the route of this project until the construction began. This caused major controversy and also caused the halt in the construction of the pipeline. The tribe also accused the government of illegally taking land from them and it is the law to consult with the land owners before construction. Energy Transfer Partners are a

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