Piper Kerman Offers To Her Readers An Interesting Story

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Piper Kerman offers to her readers an interesting story about life in prison in her book Orange is the New Black. One might be confused with such statement, as there is not much exciting happens in prison and to write an interesting book based on one year of confinement seems to be an impossible task. However, Kerman’s work appeals to much deeper topics than just a physical process of imprisonment or everyday routine of convicts. Being a memoir, Orange is the New Black provides personal insights of the author concerning the prison system in the United States, freedom, and experiences of women who happened to be behind the bars. Kerman seeks to encourage people to think about the necessity of criminal justice reform, particularly in respect…show more content…
In every justice system, there should be a certain hierarchy of sentences for different kinds of crimes. For example, Kerman was indicted for money laundering and drug trafficking – the offenses that she subsequently pleaded guilty in to avoid maximum term of conviction. Nonetheless the prosecutorial system applied conviction as the punishment instead of employing Kerman’s services for the good of society, for example, in some kind of remedial works. And Kerman is not the only one who was sentenced to go to jail after pleading guilty in a minor crime. Thousands of women who have their children and their families are forced to go to jail and separated from the most important things in their lives. If one would think about it from the perspective of society and family values, and not only from the perspective of the law, it becomes clear that women like are subjects of double punishment: not only their freedom is limited in prison, but they also suffer emotionally from the separation. Of course, one important clarification should be made at this point. Women, just like men, are equally responsible before the law, which means that they should be punished according to their crimes. If a woman commits a serious offense, like murder, she should be punished with all strictness of the law because the damage that she has done to society could not be outweighed by any remedial work. We are all equal before the law and that should be the main principle of the

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